Welcome to InfinaTea! Where Tea time- is all the time. Get it? InfinaTea?

InfinaTea originates in a universe where what you put in your body is actually good for you. All the time. In the InfinaTea universe, it's our pleasure to meet all your tea needs in the most customer-friendly way. 

InfinaTea was birthed out of a desire to cultivate the best things in life for all people; therefore, we are providing our own special blend of herbal tea, coffee, evergreen, mint, and fruit tea powder. 

People drink tea for a variety of reasons, but the best reasons we've found to drink tea are health and pleasure. Our mission is to provide you with the best, organic tea so you can have the knowledge that you're making excellent choices about what to put in your body, and thereby enjoy a hassle free, pleasant tea-drinking experience. 

Tea comes from all over the world. Tea has a variety of uses and tea-drinkers have a wide variety of reasons to drink it. We won't limit you by telling you how to drink your tea or why you should drink it, but we really think you should drink ours.