About Us: Kratom version

The Journey Towards Health and Wellness:

Since the young age of fifteen, my body has been reliant upon pain medication. Desiring to be free from this,  I merely coped with the pain by using over-the-counter medication, (i.e. Ibuprofen) that very rarely relieved the constant pain I endured. A few years prior to beginning Infinity Supplements World Wide, I stopped relying on pain medication entirely; however, when I started experiencing intense pain in my lower back, I began to think I had no other option but to return to an unhealthy solution. One day, a friend introduced me to a tea I had never heard of before. After hearing about the 100% additive free nature of the plant, I decided to give it a trial run, and as a result, I was shocked at the incredible effects it had on relieving my pain. After this life-changing discovery, I knew that there would be many other people who could benefit from this plant. Thus, Infinity Supplements World Wide (ISWW) began.

It is incredible that a majority of the American population remains so unaware about the power of this natural plant. Amazingly, the journey does not end there. We were so convinced of the power of this plant that we traveled all the way around the world to find the best possible version of this tea so we could share it with the people like us, who have benefited in all areas of life in extreme ways as a result of it. We met with the native people, we walked through the jungle, and we touched the leaves with our hands. After seeing it for ourselves and determining the origin and quality, we are convinced that this specialty tea can change lives, and it could change yours. 

If you are a skeptic, we would challenge you to first become informed about the pain medications and other products that people have accepted as normal in our culture. Contemplate the use and prescription of high dosage pain medication such as norco and morphine, anti-depressants, and even products such as energy drinks, all of which have negative side-effects and addictive qualities. Before disregarding our teas completely, consider your ignorance in the area of pharmaceutical solutions to pain or other problems and question yourself and professionals about the true nature of the ingredients in the medication you receive. Examine what you're putting into your body and reflect on the possible ramifications and whether you would not rather know exactly what you are putting into your body. 

Last, but not least, while we cannot control what you do with this beneficial plant, we can implore you to join in the fight to make this world a better place. To help reach this goal faster, we are putting our own money on the line. When you purchase from us, we invest in starting and finishing the lab tests, clinical trials studies that need to be done so we can start helping people experience a more satisfying and fulfilled life, free from any dependence on unhealthy solutions to pain relief, a lack of energy, depression, and anxiety.

If you care about people, as we do, then please help us and act today.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts,

Co-Founder: John P.